Naturally Grown Gourmet Garlic, Scapes and Powders


Garlic with a hard neck that produces scapes during growing.  Hardneck garlics have a strong flavor, large cloves (5-10 cloves/bulb) and typically keep for 5-6 months.


Garlic with a soft neck that is used in making garlic braids.  Softneck garlic varieties typically have a mild flavor, numerous cloves (6-18 cloves/bulb) and store longer than hardnecks (up to 10 months).

Guarantee to Our Customers
At Dragon Breath Gourmet Garlic we take great pride in the quality of our garlic and garlic products. Because our garlic is inspected at each stage of producing, processing and packaging, we can assure the highest quality when it leaves our farm.

Garlic is perishable and can be damaged if improperly handled or stored. With every order, we provide instructions for proper planting, handling and storage. Failure to inspect your order upon receipt, to follow the instructions for storage or poor farming practices will void our guarantee. Good crops depend on good weather, good soil and good farming practices. Because we cannot control these conditions, our liability is limited (at our discretion) to the refund of the purchase price or replacement of the garlic or product.

If the product or garlic is unsound or defective when you receive it, we must be notified within 2 days of receipt of the order to qualify for a refund or replacement. The garlic must be returned to us within 14 days after your notice. We cannot refund after the garlic is planted – no exceptions. When you purchase our products you are accepting these conditions and limitations.

There are no Canadian or International sales.

Variety Package

A selection of four (4) varieties of garlic. Variety packs may contain all hardneck varieties or a mixture of hardneck and softneck varieties. Excludes specialty garlics.

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    Variety Packs

    Variety Pack A selection of four (4) varieties of garlic. Variety packs may contain all hardneck varieties or a mixture of hardneck and softneck varieties. Excludes specialty garlics.
  • organic garlic scapes
    Organic Garlic Scapes, sent in 1lb bundles containing 20-25 scapes per bundle.
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    Nana’s Scape Flakes

    Scapes are picked fresh and immediately processed and dried to retain their optimal flavor. Dried scape flakes make a great addition to bread dough, meat, fish fry batter, salads and soups. Available in 1.25 oz glass jar with shaker lid or 2.5 oz plastic jar with scoop/shaker lid.
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    Ramp Powder

    Made from freshly picked wild ramps. Ramp powder is available in 1.5 oz or 3 oz glass jars.
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    SOLD IN 1 lb. INCREMENTS – Will be dug and shipped when they reach proper size. Typically mid to late April. Wild ramps or wild leeks have a strong onion/garlic flavor and can be used in any dish that calls for leeks or onions. Ramps are available in one (1) pound increments and will be shipped on Mondays. Orders must be received by 12 pm on Sunday for Monday shipment. The ramp bulb and roots will be rinsed prior to shipment. Greens will not be rinsed in order to minimize wilt. Weight is pre-packing and some water loss is expected during transit. Please email for wholesale prices (>10 lbs).
  • Resembling a hardneck garlic, elephant garlic is actually a member of the leek family and has a mild garlic flavor. Averaging 3 to 5 cloves per bulb, bulbs can weigh up to 1 lb each. Our large bulbs range from 1/4 to 1/2 lb per bulb.
  • Music (PREORDER 2024)

    Music is a porcelain hardneck that contains 4-7 cloves per bulb. Music has a pungent/robust flavor and is very hot when raw.
  • Aglio rosso di Sulmonoa is a hardneck creole garlic that contains 10 to 14 cloves per bulb.  From the area of Sulmona in the region of Abruzzo Italy, this garlic is touted as the best in the world.  The secret ingredient in authentic Italian cooking. 
  • Chesnok Red is a purple stripe hardneck that contains 5-10 cloves per bulb. Chesnok Red is characterized by its heavy purple striping and spicy/hot flavor with a mellow aftertaste. Sweet when roasted.
  • Spanish Roja is a racambole garlic that contains 8-12 easy peel cloves per bulb and has a mid season harvest. A strong flavored, hot and spicy garlic.  

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